Folklore Throughout California

The state of California has the largest population in the country, and some of the largest cities in the world. Los Angeles alone is a massive sprawl of suburbs and the nearby cities of San Francisco and San Diego are hardly much different in character. But even in one of the most widely surbanized areas in the world, California still has its share of strange creatures roaming about the warm nights of the third largest state in the union.

The Dark Watchers are a strange mystery that has persisted in the Santa Lucia Mountains. The mountains run for 105 miles between San Luis Obispo county all the way to Monterrey county. Thick forests cover these mountains. It is in these mountains that the Dark Watchers lurk. Residents of the Chumash nation were the first to sight these creatures, giant human silhouettes that stand on mountain ridges and seem to be staring across the mountain.

Chumash lore stated that when the Dark Watchers are watched by others, they fade from sight. European settlers have since managed to see these strange creatures for themselves. Guns and weatherproof clothing are said to ward them off, but exactly why is unclear.

The Billiwhack monster terrorized Santa Paula, California for only a few years, but left a lot of questions in its way. Described as tall and apelike, the creature was heavily muscled despite the fur and possessed large horns akin to those of rams. Similar in some ways to the Prince George’s county Goatman on the other side of the continent, the Billiwhack monster was known to throw large rocks at people and pound on their cars.

Seen only during the years of World War Two and a few years thereafter, sightings of the creature have since dwindled to almost none at all. Some say it was an escaped government experiment to create a super soldier, though nobody official has confirmed anything.

The Black Demon of the Gulf of California is reputed to be a massive shark more than 60 feet long; to put that in perspective, the largest Great White sharks are at most 18 feet long. While this sounds like something out of a movie, the creature has been seen for some decades in the Gulf of California. One account describes something huge rocking a mariner’s boat, only for the boat’s pilot to see a massive tail fin sticking out of the water, at least five feet high.