Tallahassee CC Women’s Basketball Enjoying Being the Hunted

TALLAHASSEE, Fl. (WTXL) – For the first time, the Tallahassee Community College women’s basketball team is the hunted, not the hunter.

"The target definitely keeps growing bigger," said freshman guard Aliyah Lawson.

"It’s just a lot we have to prove to show them that we are in this position because we worked hard for it," added sophomore JuJu Redmond.

Hard work got the Eagles a ring. Hard work will get them another, and chasing title number two, definitely a different feeling.

"Trying to replicate success is very hard, but at the same time, you look up there and see the banner, and you know that it’s attainable," said head coach Q Bedell. "You can you can achieve it."

This group is well on their way. They 18-0 and ranked 3rd in the country as they get ready to enter Panhandle Conference play. Offensively, they are averaging close to 99 points per game.

"We want to think as Champions. We want to walk as Champions. We want to act and behave as Champions," said Bedell. "I really feel like we can be in that Championship game again, but we have to do all the little things."

The little things, and for this group of winners, those are things that run through their blood.

"Q brought in a bunch of winners and people that have heart for the game and we all love the game," said Redmond.

"Coach talks about it all the time about all the players that played before us and it’s not just about us," added Lawson. "It’s an honor to actually be a part of the team and help give back to everyone else."

Another ring to give back to everyone else. Sounds like a job for the hunted.

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